Film Monoprix La bataille d'eau / water ballon fight - (2013)

This spot was created to launch a new brand signature: "Vivement Aujourd'hui", where every day doesn't have to be so every day. All I know is EPIC WATER BALLOON FIGHT! WOo!

Advertiser brand: Monoprix (France) Advert title(s): Vivement aujourd'hui Headline and copy text (in English): "Can't wait for today" Advertising Agency: Rosapark, Paris, France Agency website: Founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg, Jean-François Sacco FILM: Creative Directors: Mark Forgan & Jamie Edward Standen Production : QUAD Director : Johnny Hardstaff Producers : Amanda Stubb & François Brun Post producer : Digital District, Cédric Herbet & Christelle Prud'homme Sound : Schmooze/Matthieu Sibony Music : "Bambina" by HOTEI/EMI Published: March, 2013
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