Findus - Asparagus Conspiracy theory - (2011) : 30 (Sweden)


Findus - Asparagus Conspiracy theory - (2011) : 30 (Sweden)

Gosh, I'm getting so psyched for Cannes Lions it's redonk, even the frozen foods category is exiting to me now as I have Forsman & Bodenfors to root for*. We have a contender, this is a nice ad for such a stiff (heh) subject, they even got the english VO to get the nuances in the Asparagus' silly conversation right. They're talking about the moon landing conspiracy theory, of course. What else would asparagus talk about? (VO in Swedish is miles better, but that's likely because the voice is such a typical Swedish character hard to translate)

* I don't root for only Swedish agencies, I root for good stuff. I'm rooting hard for 16th of June 2014 idea that moved Tunisia.

Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg

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That is awesome.
So rare to find an ad where the word "surprising" truly applies.
Not to mention "relevant."

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