Smoking changes you. And it makes you listen to music that sounds like the soundtrack to a Wachowski Brothers movie.

This effort comes from our Finnish friends, 358 Helsinki, who also worked to create a new curriculum around the issue last year.

Fun stuff.

Agency: 358 Helsinki
Creative director / AD: Ale Lauraéus
Copy: Ale Lauraéus, Jonathan Mander, Antti Tähtinen
Agency producer: Peggy Petrell
Graphic designer: Isa Jokela-Goméz
Production company: GrilliFilms
Director Olli Rönkä
Producer Petteri Lehtinen
Prod coordinator Mia Ekman
DOP Teppo Högman
Stylist Anu Pirilä
Makeup Milla Puolakanaho
Gaffer Karri Pöykiö
Cam assist Jouko Piipponen
Casting Icon Nordic / Terje Kissa
Post producer Niko Kuurne / Talvi Digital
Grading Henri Pulla
VFX Mikko Löppönen / Luis Lazcano / Eddie Wong
Music Samuel Rönkä
Audio design Silencio / Karo Broman



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