Finnish National Lottery - Bring it on - (2012) 1:47 (Finland)


Finnish National Lottery - Bring it on - (2012) 1:47 (Finland)

What would you do if you won the lottery? These three mates thought that perhaps a vacation would be a good idea, and already at the airport their choices lead them down a "hangover"-esque path of debauchery and party.

Agency: TBWA Helsinki
Client: Finnish National Lottery

Creative Director Tommy Mäkinen
Art Director: Elisa Konttinen, Hermanni Kanerva, Tuukka Tujula
Copywriter: Jenny Lundqvist

Production company: Directors Guild Finland
Director: Vesa Manninen
DP: Tuomo Virtanen
Executive Producer: Ville Varesvuo
Producer: Juha-Matti Nieminen
Music and Sound: El Camino Helsinki
Post: James Post Helsinki


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