A firefighter's duty demands a degree of readiness. And a really long pole to slide down. Sure your pants may not be connected to your shoes like a firefighter, but that doesn't mean you can't eat like one. The hero of all subs indeed. This kind of takes a page from Old Spice with the visual nuttiness, but it's not thrown in with sight gags that make it nutty for the sake of being nutty, though.

Advertising Agency: MARC USA SVP/ECD: Joe Burke SVP/Art Director: Matt Sullivan CD/Copywriter: Greg Edwards Executive Producer: Snake Roth President/CMO: Jean McLaren SVP Director of Client Services: David Shaw Account Director: Stephanie Auriol Account Executive: Angela Faler Production Company: Twist Director: Matt Pittroff Director of Photography: Andy Lilien Producers: Alissa Liebert; Producer, Jim Geib; President/EP, Amyliz Pera; EP Line Producer: Steve Blair Editorial Company: Hootenanny Editor: Sean Halvorsen Assistant Editor: Christina Bolanos (Digital Short Editor) Graphics/Titles: Graham Metzger Flame Artist/Online Editor: Jim Annerino Assistant Online Editor: Eddie Loera Executive Producer: Don Avila Postproduction Company: Nolo Digital Films Executive Producer: Joe Flanagan Colorist: Mike Matusek Audio Postproduction Company: CRC Sound Designer: Mark Ruff Assistant Engineer: Jason Hoban Producer: Rose Razal Music Company: What the Hale Music Arranger/Composer: Ken Hale Engineer: Ivan Staley

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