Blah blah blah. Politicians are all talk and no action. Instead of saying "you didn't build that." FirstBank says "Thank you," to the small business owners who actually do create jobs and keep the economy going. So much satire in this election-themed spot. Not the least of which is the fact that the candidates are puppets. This ad aired during the debates (I assume regionally in Arizona, California and Colorado where the banks are located) during the first debate. I'll bet it was hard to tell where the debate ended and this began.

Client: FirstBank Agency: TDA Boulder Creative Director/Copywriter: Jeremy Seibold Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Barrett Brynestad Exec. Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg Director of Client Services: Christi Tucay Clark Account Supervisor: Colleen Callahan Director of Strategy: Constance DeCherney Agency Producer: Susan Fisher Prod. Co.: MJZ, Los Angeles Director: Perlorian Brothers D.P.: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler Exec Producer: David Zander/Eriks Krumins Line Producer: Jay Shapiro Puppets Created by: Legacy Effects Puppet Supervisor: Alan Scott Shoot Location: Pasadena, CA Editorial/Post: Cosmo Street, Santa Monica Editor: Katz Asst. Editor: Nellie Phillips Exec Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias-Sears Prod.: Marie Mangahas/Chelsea Spensley Color Correct: Apache, Santa Monica Telecine Operator: Steve Rodriguez Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica Engineer: Zach Fisher Animation: Bernard Tan, Los Angeles Business Mgr.: Tricia Krasnesk