Here's a local Super Bowl ad, to be aired in the end halftime in Colorado and Arizona. A man in his seventies salutes millennials - while wearing no pants.

“Everyone complains about Millennials. Nonsense. Millennials, I salute you. You save money like no other generation. You share cars, wifi passwords, canoes, deodorants. My grandson bought a pair of pants with me. They share pants. Today’s his pants day. No baby boomer ever shared a pair of pants with me.”

There is no call-to-action, and no product mentioned, only the supers, “#SharePants” and “#SaveMoney,” followed by an “” signoff. A simple branding approach for FirstBank, which aims to bring in new savings accounts from a generation that is famously savings-averse. The key insight is that Millennials do “save”; they share. With the Perlorian brothers touch, this is pretty cute and will get attention among the national super bowl spots.

ad agency: TDA_Boulder, Boulder, Colo. ECD/CW: Jonathan Schoenberg CD: Jeremy Seibold ADs: Haley Garyet, Barrett Brynestad Director of Strategy: Constance DeCherney Agency Producer: Susan Fisher Account Dir.: Danielle Borden Prod. Co.: MJZ, Los Angeles Directors: Perlorian Brothers D.P.: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler Exec Producers: David Zander, Eriks Krumins Line Producer: Jay Shapiro Editorial/Post: Cosmo Street Editorial, Santa Monica Editor: Katz Asst. Editor: Nellie Phillips Exec Producer: Yvette Cobarrubias-Sears Producers: Marie Mangahas, Chelsea Spensley Color Correct: Apache, Santa Monica Telecine Operator: Steve Rodriguez Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios, Santa Monica Engineer: Zach Fisher Animation: Bernard Tan, Los Angeles