Fish Franke -Living Poster - ambient (Germany)


Fish Franke -Living Poster - ambient (Germany)

Making a splash for Fisch Franke's fresh food, Publicis Frankfurt built a whole poster to prove how fresh the fish are.

Client: Fisch Franke
Agency: Publicis Frankfurt
Johannes Krzeslack (Photographer)
Stephan Ganser (Executive Creative Director)
Peter Kaim/Nico Juenger (Creative Director)
Nico Juenger (Art Director)
Peter Kaim (Copywriter)
Architect: Thomas Breen



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This is a great form of

This is a great form of outdoor advertising! Not only does it get the intended message across, but it also engages a captive audience. All too often outdoor ads don't reach their fullest potential!! I wonder how much this cost and how he manages the temperature as the seasons change...

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It won't be up that long to

It won't be up that long to worry about seasonal changes. The space was probably only bought for a short run (two-three weeks).

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Probably a fairly expensive

Probably a fairly expensive prject for such a short run...not sure I understand that end of it..

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