Miley Cyrus and Flaming Lips' bring out their best "weird" ideas for the video 'SuperFreak', shot while Miley was bedridden earlier this year due to an allergic reaction. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is calling it "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain" and it stars Moby as some sort of evil cult leader that needs to eat rainbows. Cyrus wakes up from what seems to have been a drug-fuelled nap, and finds that a nude nymph stole her brain, so she calls on a burned-faced santa and bigfoot to get it back and the pursuit begins. It's mainly images of rainbow explosions and a nude blond rolling around with glitter-strings, but eventually the santa & bigfoot catches up to the blond in a parking garage. And the flaming lips are dressed up as mushrooms, rainbows and flowers because you know, they're the flaming lips what did you think they were going to wear? It's all doing its very best to compete with "art" films made by sincere teenagers with more will than talent.
Five minutes of noise and repetitive edits later, you either love it or hate it. Or you won't get it at all, like the Vanity Fair article that mocks Cyrus new tattoo in an amusing future predicting manner, oblivious to the fact that the upcoming album Cyrus made with the Flaming Lips is called "With a little help from my fwends".

The ever vigilant Vigilant Citizen has done the hard work of decoding the visuals and concludes the trippy video is all about MKULTRA, and is in fact programming you to think mind control is a normal thing. Of course.

Flaming Lips / Miley Cyrus

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