Peter Dietrich directs this BBDO SF spec effort for Flamingo Casino.

The idea is you'll get a lot of deals when you get on Flamingo Las Vegas' website.

The spot is...well, basically, a dude meets his girlfriend's family and they're all hot. Including the sexy mermaid goldfish and the dad who is a hot chick with a dad's voice. Because the boyfriend gets more than he bargained for. Or something.

It feels like it's a Bud Light spot transplanted as a Las Vegas resort hotel spot.

What does one say to this?

Beyond the sexy lady factor there's not much to say about it that can redeem it into anything approaching interesting or good.

Except for the sound design. That's kind of nice. When the hot girl dad clamps down on the pipe. Pretty awesome.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ricard Valero, Dan Hofstadter
PRODUCTION: Acommonthread
DOP: Nic Sadler
EDITOR: Kristin McCasey | Therapy
POSTPRO : Therapy | Film Deluxe
MUSIC: Hosty Duo