Mahahual is one of the most visited Mexican beaches by foreigners each week, receiving approximately 15,000 tourists. Those visitors generate large amounts of garbage. On the other hand, The handicrafts of the Mahahual region (Mayan cultural zone) are one of the most demanded by foreign visitors. In order to decrease the environmental impact of this garbage problem, local artisans created handicrafts with the recycled trash that comes from all over the world to be sold to foreign visitors, who come from all over the world as well. With this garbage recycling, the community addressed one income issue while reducing the environmental impact.

Kind of awesome if you ask me.

Client: FMCN Agency: Grey Mexico ECD: Pedro Egea Barbosa, President & CEO Grey Mexico Creative Team: Victor Figueroa, General Creative Director Grey Mexico; Luis Fernando Guillen Olague, General Creative Director Grey Mexico; Laura Alcalá, Art Director. Account Team: Mariana Depina, Account Director Grey Mexico Digital & Planning Team: Cecilia Legarrea, Planning Director Grey Mexico; Martha Cruz, Planner Grey México Producer: Alejandro Fernández Solsona, Agency Production Director Grey México Production House: Maltercio Estudio – Montoya Animation Executive Producer: Directors: Gabriel Egea Barbosa, Director Maltercio Estudio

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