FNB Bridge - Albert / Bus Drivers Birthday - (2012) :45 (South Africa)


FNB Bridge - Albert / Bus Drivers Birthday - (2012) :45 (South Africa)

This is way cute. I wonder if anyone has ever done this for their bus driver? If not, someone should.

See also Tom with his giant guinea pig and Tim with his cappuccino maker, and Sarah the determined young lady

Agency & City: Metropolitan Republic JHB
Executive Creative Director: Paul Warner
Creative Director: George Low
Agency Producer: Linda Hauser
Agency Art Director: Moira-Gene Sephton
Copywriter: Candice Hellens

Production Company & City: Velocity Cape Town
Director: Adrian De Sa Garces
Producer: Karen Kloppers
Director of Photography: Paul Gilpin
Production Art Director: Julie Bonnet

Editor & Company:
Ricky Boyd - Deliverance Post
Visual Effects Company and person:

Music Company/Composer/Sound: Frequency Audio Militia - "Sarah"
Post Production Online
Bladeworks JHB
Post Production Offline
Deliverance Post CT


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