Folgers - Happy Mornings Sunshine - (2006) :90 (USA)


Folgers - Happy Mornings Sunshine - (2006) :90 (USA)

Oh my god, super annoying sunshine!

Happy Morning!
Happy Morning!
Wake up you sleepy head
You can sleep when you are dead!

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York
Executive Creative Director: Tony Granger
Creative Director: Jan Jacobs/Leo Premutico
Copywriter: Jan Jacob
Art Director: Leo Premutico
Executive Producer: Sheldon J. Levy
Production Company & City: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
DOP: : Jac Fitzgerald
Editor & Company: Jack Hutchings @ TVNZ, Auckland
Colourist: Dave Gibson @ Digital Post, Auckland
Post Production/Visucl Effects & City: Puck Murphy @ Perceptual Engineering, Auckland
Music and Music Publisher (Composer or Original soundtrack): Michael Weiner and Allan Zachary based in Los Angeles
Audio Post Company: Sound Lounge: New York, NY
Mix engineer: Phillip Loeb

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Holy crap! I think if one of those rays of sunshine got near me singing like that, they wouldn't be so happy. ;)

Definitely more edgy than those Jimmy Dean Sun ads from last autumn.

The annoyingness of those sunrays are just right.

near me first thing in the morning that is...

and is this suppose to make me WANT to drink folgers coffee?


Now, am I the only one that envisioned a shotgun and a lot of dead sunrays? Or is that because I stopped drinking coffee?

In any case, I'm going to have that song in my head all day now. Ecch!

Rated "5" for it's stickyness factor.


Even cuter: the New York creatives went to Auckland for the editing (and filming?). Huray for extravagant trips!

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