Folkbildningsförbundet, The Swedish Adult Education Association (SAEA), has launched a schwag campaign called "Typiskt Svenskt" (Typically Swedish), where supporters of the idea help create some of the films.
This film called "unswedish" shows an eclectic group of celebrities all stating the same message, that everyone has to vote for anything at all but the party called Sverigedemokraterna (their controversial election film here), in order to prevent them from getting any parliamentary seats.

The sound-guy was fighting a hangover and/or surrounding noises the day this was shot, so take your headphones off or be prepared to have wind punch you in the ear.

Creatives - Students from from Berghs & graphic designers Oskar Wettergren, Malin Blom Marketing: Victor Samuelsson

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  • omerosen's picture

    Finnaly we see something that reminds the Obama campaign.
    Better late than... forget it. Better go and knock on some doors instead.

    Sep 14, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    I dunno man, I see the "grassroots rallying" part of it that I guess is what you are equating to Obama, but instead of a brilliant social media strategy and empowering campaign overall where the voters are pepped with "yes we can" (reach the white house!), and a positive message from a candidate they believed in, we have a bunch of celebrities telling half a million people to get off the couch to prevent another party from getting democratically elected to a percentage of parliamentary seats by voting for "anything else".

    So that kinda strikes me as the exact opposite to Obamas campaign.

    Sep 15, 2010

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