Folkpartiet - School - valfilm 2010


Folkpartiet - School - valfilm 2010

Folkpartiet (The liberal party) show a classroom of today, and as we pan out the noise and bustle from rowdy students gets worse as we get the further away from the teacher. One girl, clearly frustrated by not being able to hear what the teacher is saying, drop her pencil and sighs. The promise: "Peace/calm so you can concentrate in school." Better education has long been a staple promise of Folkpartiet.




As an ex-Israeli I am offended by the copyrights infrigments shown here with the use Israel's map. Not to mention the borders are drawn incorrecctly.

You're joking, aren't you?

Yes, yes he is.

Ya, I was. My commenteries are the consequences of when I am on a bad mode.

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