Ford F150 SuperCrew - It's Tough (2000) - 0:30 (USA)


Ford F150 SuperCrew - It's Tough (2000) - 0:30 (USA)

Ford F150 SuperCrew



I'm pretty sure the guy at :24 sec has aids...

@Bobby McGhee that was totally uncalled for and very homophobic. Just because that guy is a flaming homosexual DOES NOT mean he has the HIV.

I can attest that the guy at :24 doesn't have aids, but he did give me the crabs once.

I know that guy at :24!! I met him in college. I was crying cause my boyfriend was being a jerk. I think went back to his dorm room and had the sex with him. Funny back then I called him 30 second guy. I sure hope he doesn't have the Aids. But yes he did have crabs.

:30 second guy? I think he's now known as the :24 sec guy. I think my little brother hooked up with him too. Said it was the worst crab infestation he's ever experienced. He also got scabies. The :24 sec guy must have worked at an old folks home or something?

I HOOKED UP WITH HIM TOO!! But he asked me to keep that on the down low.

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