Ford Ka - Duck - (2008) :60 (Argentina)


Ford Ka - Duck - (2008) :60 (Argentina)

JWT Argentina has created this weird little campaign for the Ford Ka starring some cute furry monsters who eat people. Srsly!

See also Ford Ka - Baby - (2008) :60 (Argentina) and Ford Ka - Football (soccer) - (2008) :60 (Argentina).

Agency: JWT Argentina
Pablo Alvarez Travieso and Gonzalo Vecino, Chief Creative Officer
Ignacio Mendiola, Copywriter
Martin Otonello, Art Director
Agency Producer: Ceenplay
Producer: Izmo
Strategic planning Directors: Fernando Cabarcos and Sebastian Codeseira.
Accout Director: Eduardo Parapugna.
Account Executive: Andres Gobbi



James_Trickery's picture

That's just a bizarre

That's just a bizarre campaign.

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yeah but they are really

yeah but they are really really cuuuuute monsters!

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What's up with the modified

What's up with the modified version of the Bangles' "Walk Like an Egyptian" at the end?

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