The Ford Mustang is coming to Europe for the first time in its 50 year history. People will be able to pre-order at a pop-up "shop" on Ford's website during the UEFA Champions
League Final on May 24th. (Ford's a sponsor, you see.)

This spot acts primarily as a teaser.

Client: Ford of Europe Vice President, Marketing, Ford of Europe: Gaetano Thorel Marketing Director, Ford of Europe: Dave Sanabria Manager, Creative Services, Ford of Europe: Usha Raghavachari Communications Manager, Ford of Europe: Mark Beal Agency: Blue Hive Executive Creative Director: Karin Onsager-Birch Creative Director: Steve Clarke Writer/Art Director: Steve Clarke Art Director (Print): Vangelis Tolias Digital Creative Director: Richard Last Producer: Lindsay Moyes Assistant Producer: Alannah Brown Print producer: Mark Doyle Group Business Director: Fabio Ruffet Account Director: Ina Foelster Digital Planning Partner: Jenny Kimmerich Social Media Marketing Manager: Fabrizio Rinaldi Prod Co: B-Reel Director: Filip Tellander Producer: Jess Ensor Exec Producer: Trine Pillay
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