Ford decided to set a few lucky guys up on a literal speed date. The reserved blond who giggles a little when she pretends she can't drive a stick, takes her dates around the corner in her hot red mustang. Once on stunt-driving ground, so to speak, she hits the pedal to the metal and skids around like a need for speed driver. The best part is how all the guys love it, initially impressed with her car, so eager to drive it themselves at least one of them offers to, they squeal-laugh like they're on a roller-coaster as she spins around. "That was the best first date I've ever been on in my LIFE" yells one guy after she admits that she's a professional stunt driver. If you pause the video just right, you can see the moment Mr "I go rock climbing on the weekends" falls in love. Painfully long, as web content tends to be, and pretty much the same idea Renault "The Ultimate Speed Date" from last year.

Client: Ford

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  • Rick Krick's picture
    Rick Krick (not verified)

    This definitely should of been a " SUPER BOWL " commercial. I agree; That's one hot CAR, oops, babe ... Whew, She can drive.

    Feb 21, 2015

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