Well this is a super cute animated spot for Ford Brazil, just in time for the holidays. It isn't you who gets the presents on Christmas. No, the presents themselves look at you as the present. Very nice idea with just the right of emotion without it being too schmaltzy. If I have any critique of the spot it's why did they choose "When you wish upon a star" as the music?

Agency: Blue Hive Client: Ford Motor Company Ltda. Product: Primary Brand Executive Creative Director: Vico Benevides Creative Director: Rafael Freire e Marcelo Mariano Creative: Vico Benevides Planning team: Dorian Dack, Rafael Lavor, Larissa Baccos e Gabriel Cinato Media team: Ricardo Medeiros. Edera Bonato, Beatriz Guerzoni, Marcela Lanna, Alexandre Mantovani, Douglas Magalhães e Thiago Attini. Agency Account team: Sergio Silveira, Rodolfo Luz, André Cruz, Rafael Colli, Gabriela Falcade Client Approval: Oswaldo Ramos, Adriana Carradori, Andrea Colpas, Daniela Rocha, Cesar Caramico e Marcelo Gagliazzo Projects: Patricia Silvestre, Marcos Richter Agency Producers: Luana Aghata e Izabel Soares Production Company: Santa Transmedia Diretor: Gustavo Gripe Animation Director : Thiago Steka Art Director: Eric Pautz Technic Director: Marcelo Bortoloni Concept Art:Filipe Capra, Andre Juventil e Marco Furtado (Old Skull) Composition: Mauricio Oliveira Pos Production: Aline Sinquin (The Mill) Production: Marcos Berghahn Account team : Ana Cecilia Lugris e Laura Rocha Sound Production Company: Antfood Sound Production: Pedro Botsaris / Lou Schmidt / Wilson Brown Account team:Lou Schmidt / Sean McGovern Locutor: Eduardo Mirabelli