Why do we work so hard? There are a lot of opinions. Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt says that for some of us, it's about trying to make the world a better place.

In a clear sendup of the Cadillac "hard working American" ad, Ford found the polar opposite of the Cadillac spokesman in Pashon Murray, and manage to spew just as many stereotypes about Europe/abroad as in the first ad. The real winner here is Ms Murray, because I love her Detroit Dirt company idea and was kinda thrilled to learn about it. Even Cleantechnica agrees that she's the real winner here, getting a national ad for her firm. Ford does the smart thing™ by borrowing interest from a person who actually does run a green business, and with that they're just as much "rah rah America" as the Cadillac ad, just on the green side of things.

Adweek gives Ford the winning crown in an ad-off that may only be the beginning (one can only hope!) : Ford trashes the Cadillac ad everyone hated. I'm not so sure that everyone hated the Cadillac ad. I only hated the "n'est pas", and I don't think it's any better in this spoof.

Now, I'm going to walk to the market like we do in Europe, and buy some locally grown stuff, which is reindeer, reindeer and maybe some reindeer. Oh, there's Elk too.

Ad agency: Team Detroit

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