Oy, this metaphor. Hundreds, nay thousands of men break out from buried deep inside the dirt of earth, then races through the hurdles to become the one. The diamond in the rough has managed to survive the selection process that makes him the only one to arrive to the woman he was destined for. Oh and he is a diamond, not an actual man. I get it, not impressed, but I'm a right hand bling ring kind of girl. For the wedding ring romantics this probably works well.

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Italy Chief Creative Officer: Enrico Dorizza Direttore creativo Associato: Nicoletta Cernuto Art director: Francesco Basile Copywriter: Cristiano Nard├▓ Tv Producer: Marijana Vukomanovic Account Dept: Giulia Profili/Valentina Salice/Dania Bianuni Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica Executive Producer: Francesco Pistorio Producer: Alessandro Cavriani/Beatrice Pepe Director: Rob Chiu Director of Photography: Matyas Erdely Original Music: Sizzer Amsterdam, EJ Grob Song Title: Compressed Carbon Published/Released: November 2015