Here's an ad that feels like it should be for a sports brand or workout clothing stores. People do all sorts of workouts, pushups in city staircases, chasing cars, running through the wet dark forest and pull-ups on football goals. All ages, all sizes, all genders, religions and creed are represented. Rounder fellow pushing himself to run uphill in the parking garage? Check. Women in hijab who tried to outrace a car? Check. We even spot an amputee running across a football field - the ultimate "what's your excuse?" to guilt us all into considering a run through the forest in the early morning.

As the dated dubstep music slows down we find ourself in calmer environments, with toddlers helping dads sit-ups, and babies being mommies slow squat weights. FMTK is then ironed on to shirt, and we learn that everyone can work out with the national defense of Sweden, by downloading their workout app at As the dubstep-like music kicks into high gear again, I'm sure the WOD-kids of Stockholm and the fans of Reebok "human" ads feel rightly inspired to join. Meanwhile I'm wondering what the app will track about me, no thanks. If you do really well, will the army call and offer you a job? It's quite a neat way to keep the population fit, something that Swedes have been doing for as long as we can remember, see our nationally syndicated morning workout moves from the 30s under that link.