Cute manifestation of what your hunger looks like when you have a monster appetite. A literal monster drags this kid down.

Client: Foster Farms Foster Farms Managing Director: Jonathan Swadley Integrated Marketing Director: Ira Brill Creative Agency: Odysseus Arms Design Director: Libby Brockhoff Creative Director: Franklin Tipton Managing Director: Eric Dunn Art Director: Rachel Ngun Executive Producer: Cherie L. Appleby Production Company: Hungry Man Director: Dave Laden Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne Producer: Caleb Dewart Director of Photography: Chrisophe Lanzenberg Editorial: Final Cut Editor: Paul Zucker Assistant Editor: Dillon Stoneburner Executive Producer: Eric McCasline Production VFX: Significant Others Executive Producer: Alek Rost VFX, Flame Artist: Dirk Greene Producer: Garrett Braren Sound Mix: Beacon Street Composer: Andrew Feltenstein Mix Artist and Sound Design: Rommel Molina Executive Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli Props/Monster Design: Legacy Effects Production Designer: Alan Scott Design and Build: Theodore Haines

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