Here's an interesting way to raise money for the Queen Silvia Children's Hospital, let the kids play with the direct mail before mailing it! The reason I don't have this client is because I'd simply ask Queen Silvia to give up her 80 million kronor apanage* for a few years and donate that money to the hospital that bears her name, or maybe just wear last years dress to the Nobel Prize dinner. What the hey, right?

The song is "In five years time" by Noah and the Whale. It's a good one.

* There's no official sum listed anywhere as her apanage, but royalty works like his: taxpayers give them money. Then we get to eat cake in hospitals named after them. If having royalty actually was "good PR" for a country ad it's products, SAAB would outsell BMW, AUDI and Volkswagen, and still exist, so I call bullshit to that.

Ad Agency: Milk Reklambyrå, Sweden Copywriters: Rasmus Andersson, Anders Holmström, Torkel Norling Art Directors: Peter Eriksson, Gunnar Skarland Digital creative: Axel Tagg

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