You might already have seen the Street Tetris video that has been making the rounds. It was shot by Rabbit directing duo +jacksonkarinja in San Francisco, to introduce the Freebord, a six-wheeled skateboard that mimics a snowboard's range of motion.

The effort aims to capture the freedom and control of the Freebord ride by showcasing the board's unique motion capabilities - riders can spin in circles and slide laterally while still in contact with land, in contrast to a traditional skateboard, which can only move forward. +jacksonkarinja attached neon geometric shapes to the skaters' bodies, the light tracing their unhinged movements as they fall into formation at the bottom of the hill and complete the life-sized video game.

Client: Freebord
Spots Title: 8-bit
Air Date: September 2009

Prod Company: Rabbit
Director: +jacksonkarinja
EP(s): Douglas Howell, Anura Idupuganti
Head of Production: Jeff Sommar
Producer: Gian Colombo, Shelby Ross
Prod Supervisor: Vieve Haag
Editorial: Moondog
Editor: Paul La Calandra
Producer: Joseph McKay
Music: erock
Shoot Location: San Francisco, CA


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