Holy exposition Batman. Look, it would have been better not to have added the implied kids into the mix (like kids are gonna wanna play a game that came out in the mid 80's.) Because guess what-- adult who grew up during the golden age of video games are nostalgic. That's why they sell updated versions of Atari 2600 at Urban Outfitters.Besides, no self-respecting parent is going to buy their kids sugar cereal. They should have just made it an adult snack.

However, it is nice to see Toucan Sam still asking us to follow our noses to his sugary product.

Just please don't ever have an adult say "Oh, my Froot Loops," again. That is never going to become a thing.

Client; Fruit Loops
Advertising Agency: Krispr Communications, Chicago, United States
Agency website: http://www.edelman.com/specialty/krispr/
Executive Creative Director: Steve Slivka
Creative Director: Aaron Noffsinger
Producer: Christina O'Rourke
Director: James Haworth
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Edit: White House
Audio: Another Country
Color: The Mill
Animation: Nathan Love
Planner: Kevin Gilbert


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