Frooti - Mango Frooti / Shahrukh Khan / Thirsty soccer team - (2013) :90 (India)

King Khan quenches his thirst in front of the pee-wee soccer team ... and hang on a second. I'm not sure if the bottle lasted so long, or if the thirst was so big that the team grew up while watching him, or if it was the sight of ice-cold Mango Frooti that turned the entire team into kidlets. I don't even care. Logic? In advertising? Nope. All I know is, those wee ones look really thirsty. Good acting, chaps, and sometimes that's all you really need in a story well told. I'm feeling a bit parched myself.

Title: Magic of Mango Client (Brand)/Artist: Mango Frooti - Fruit drink Agency / Record Company: Creativeland Asia City & Country: Mumbai, India Agency Producer: NA Executive Creative Director: Sajan RaJ Kurup, Anu Joseph, Vikram Gaikwad Copywriter: Sajan RaJ Kurup Creative Director: Rajat Dawar, Ravi Shanker Director: Prakash Varma Production Co & City: Nirvana Bangalore Producer: Sneha Ipe Director of Photography: Mohanan Post Production & City: After Mumbai Editor & Company: Sally Music & Music Publisher: Amar Production Service Company: NA
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Love SRK and the ad was VERY CLEVER! :) The children were adorable:)
Can you get this stuff in the US?

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add is very good...i couldn't follow the lyrics .. plz help