G-Star Raw's Spring Summer 2014 Collection is launched in this film starring model Lily Cole and chess world champion Magnus Carlsen. It's one big metaphor for chess. What any of it has to do with G-Star Raw escapes me, but since most fashion ads are always conceptual without any real ideas behind them, I didn't expect anything other than a neat visual.

Client: G-Star RAW Production: Revolver Amsterdam Creative Director: Peter Hamelinck, Aitor Director: Shueti (@Revolver Amsterdam) DOP: Niels Boon Executive producer: Raymond van der Kaaij Line Producer: Lucia Dondorp Post Production: the Ambassadors Styling: Leonie Huisman, Ruud van der Peijl Hairstylist: Raphael Salley Make-up artist: Andrew Gallimore

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