Newly-launched Sonixphere, a global resource for everything related to music and sound, just wrapped another dynamic spot for GameStop through The Richards Group, Dallas. Promoting Madden NFL 12, the spot posed a unique musical challenge, according to Greg Allan, CEO and Creative Director, take a classical piece of music, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and transform it to into an urban, hip-hop track to support images of football teams competing on the gridiron.
Airing nationally on TV, in store, and online, the :30 commercial uses CGI game footage depicting the Chicago Bears and the Madden visiting all-star team entering the stadium prepared to do battle. Tall shadows appear and play commences as Sonixphere’s opening notes set an ominous tone. This transitions into a memorable restatement of Beethoven’s Fifth over a hip hop groove. The infectious beat pulses on as players leap, collide and tumble gracefully in time to the music. The tagline commands gamers to “Devastate your rivals.”

Title: Madden NFL 12; :30 Product: GameStop Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas, TX; David Canright and Lynda Hodge, creative directors; Rodrigo Maycotte, art director; Tim Wood, writer; Dan Calhoun, senior producer. Music: Sonixphere Edit: Rooster Teeth Productions, Austin, TX Post: 3008 Editorial, Dallas, TX; Mark Sullivan (online editor) Audio mix: 3008 Editorial; Dallas, TX; Matt Cimino