In this spot, Gatorade takes a look at the inner psyches of Kevin Durant and and Dwyane Wade and what motivates them to win from within and how hard they work and the nightmares that fuel them. Fuel. Geddit? Narf narf narf.

Wait. Hang on a second.

Does Gatorade fuel bad dreams? Am I in a bad dream right now? Is it a dream within a dream? And what are those glowing orange candy things? Are they gelatinous acid tabs that cause Inception-like nightmares? And why do athletes always train in the middle of Area 51 or with the lights off? Is moody training better than well-lit training?

Oh my god. Maybe Gatorade is the one that is sleeping. And dreaming. About me. Wow. I don't feel too good. Maybe I had too many of those glowing orange tabs. Hey I just had a thought. Maybe Gatorade wants us to know that our whole solar system could be like one tiny atom in the fingernail of some tiny being...*

Breathe. Just breathe.

Okay. I re-watched the spot and there was no music track that was trying too hard like the previous spot, so thankfully, I am not in a bad dream. It's actually a somewhat decent spot. Even though Gatorade's role in fueling something this abstract is nebulous at best.

*It's from Animal House, kids. Look it up.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Client: Gatorade