This new funny spot from Gatorade references sweat, but thankfully doesn't show it. Unfortunately, in an attempt to be funny, Gatorade has put its alpha male jock hat on and is now acting like a prick.

"Gatorade? You didn't earn that."

Excuse me? I might have worked out this morning, and am just getting around to drinking it, or I might have gone out drinking the whole night and am dehydrated.
You don't know me, Gatorade.

By the way, I know what electrolytes do, and I know it's just a fancy word for salt, which makes me drink more water. I also know that flame retardants shouldn't be in a consumable beverage, but apparently it took a petition to get you to remove it.

Oh, right. It also has Cam Newton in it. Dumping the guy's Gatorade out of his hands like it was high school.

The point is, High School Gym Teacher Alpha Male bit. If you don't want my money, I'll give it to Vega Sport which is plant based and doesn't contain artificial ingredients.

On the bright side, at least they didn't say the word "Hydrate."

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