Thoughts that went through my head as I watched this spot:

Dude can't sell Gatorade to a woman because "It's for gals who have been working out hard and breaking a sweat." Gals? He just said gals? Wow.
Gatorade isn't designed for when you're hungover. That doesn't mean it's not a time-honored cure for it. We also drink it when we have the flu. You know this because you did an entire spot around the idea featuring Michael Jordan, FFS. Stop telling us how to use your product. Hangovers and barfing victims probably account for a good percentage of your sales.
Now I get it. The guy behind the counter working a minimum wage job is giving the woman a hard time because he hates his life. It's a satire.
Oh it's Peyton Manning. With a gut. Looks like he hasn't been sweating much either. They're hiding his freaking gut behind the cash register.
Does the woman even know who Peyton Manning is? She doesn't even register his star power.
She just said "What do I need to do for the Gatorade?" Is this turning into a porno? This is disturbing. *checks credits.* Oh no wonder-- a bunch of dudes wrote it.
I can't sit through any more of this.

Client: Gatorade Chief Marketing Officer: Morgan Flatley Senior Director, Consumer Engagement: Molly Carter Marketing Director: Jamie Davies Manager, Branded Entertainment: Nancy Laroche Senior Director, Sports Marketing: Jeff Kearney Director, Sports Marketing: Tom Prochaska Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day LA Chief Creative Officer: Stephen Butler Executive Creative Director: Brent Anderson Global Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins Senior Art Director: Dave Estrada Senior Copywriter: Nick Ciffone Copywriter: Nick Cohen Art Director: Jon Soto Director Of Production: Brian O’Rourke Senior Producer: Tim Newfang Managing Director: Peter Ravailhe Branded Entertainment Manager: Marc Johns Sports Marketing Manager: Erika Buder Project Manager: Parker Adame Associate Brand Manager: Ralph Lee Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster Planning Director: Martin Ramos Planner: Rebecca Harris Director: Jody Hill Executive Producer: Luke Ricci Producer: Brian Quinlan Production Designer: Mark Snelgrove Director Of Photography: Michael Svitak Managing Partner: Michael Sagol Editorial Company: HutchCo Technologies Editor: Jim Hutchins Assistant Editor: Joaquin Machado EP: Jane Hutchins Postproduction: The Mill, Los Angeles Sr. Executive Producer: Sue Troyan EP: Enca Kaul Producer: Kiana Bicoy Production Coordinator: Jillian Lynes 2D Lead Artist: Robin McGloin 2D Lead Artist: Scott Wilson 2D Lead Artist: Patrick Munoz 2D Lead Artist: Scott Johnson Colorist: Nick Sander Additional TBWA credits: Junior Planner: Katie Acosta Junior Planner: Matt Bataclan Director Of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson Executive Business Affairs Manager: Lisa Lipman Talent Payment Manager: Mirielle Smith Director, Traffic Operations: Dessiah Maxwell Broadcast Traffic: Jerry Neill Production Company: Caviar Content

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