GE / General Electric - Profile Appliances - A Scary Thing (2008) :30 (USA)

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How on earth do you even get six months of dirty laundry? Have thirteen kids?

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That's excessive, even for me! :-)

Actually, because we need to go to a laundromat to do our wash, and we need to both be well, and the weather must be right, and we have to check everyone's drug schedules and doctor's appointments, etc., etc. - I have nearly 4 months worth of socks and underwear stacked up in 2 large hampers, waiting to go wash. (Plans are afoot for this weekend). The weird thing is that I actually have that much clothing, so I'm not desperate to wash yet.

Based on their notes near the end of the ad, (8 lbs/load * 10 loads/week = 80 lbs/week) * 26 weeks = 2080 lbs., or more than ton of wash (US ton). It looks like more in the ad, and my estimate of the size of the folded laundry is about 3700 cubic feet.

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does the iiiiiih-scream from the bodysnatchers and points- Neeeeeeerd! :) *

* yes I know, I should not be talking.