General Motors/GM - Summer Drive/Ultimate Frisbee (0:30) (2004) (US)


General Motors/GM - Summer Drive/Ultimate Frisbee (0:30) (2004) (US)



I like the music... Oh wait! This isn't a Vodafone commercial! You can't use this piece of music anymore, it has been played to death by Vodafone.

Maybe not in the States, okay. The music edit is a bit weird though, skipping from one line to another.

Actually in the States this song is becoming as played out in the automobile genre
as "What I like About You" has become the whore for Flair/Tchotchke type gentrification restaurants. I know other than GM, Ford used this thing to death last year & was even touched a little by Dodge. I can just think of how they chose the usage too. "Hey gang, there's this song out there that's hip & says GREAT CAR in it. Let's use it its perfect! They even sing Woo-Hoo." Courtney Taylor-Taylor of the Dandy Warhols was actually using it in reference to a broken down jalopy, he was trying to take a look at & fix, but really wanted to get in the pants of a chick who was Bohemian like him. Go figure.

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