The thrill of receiving last a day. the thrill of giving lasts a lifetime. Not sure what's going on with the old guy who is asleep at the 28 second mark. He must have had too much champagne. There's also an interactive component to this movie where you can put yourself in the party first person style, but it requires going to the Georg Jensen website on my phone and using a remote to navigate the webpage on my lap top which is too much effort.

As a stand alone piece though, the film looks smart and sophisticated. I wasn't familiar with Georg Jensen but now that I know it's a high end lifestyle brand featuring jewelry silverware and the like, it makes a lot more sense.

Client: Georg Jensen A/S Agency: Umwelt Copenhagen Production: B-Reel Films Stockholm Creative Direction: Neal Drasbeck, Lise Stubkjær Client Service: Martin Michael Hansen Technical Direction: Ralf Sohl, Esben Sohl Producer: Lucinda Enevold Herforth Director: Magnus Härdner Producer: Lina Ehrenpreis DOP: Hannes Isaksson Editor: Nils Andersson Composer: Daniel Björkman Distribution: Be On, Rasmus Mikkelsen, Yuki Ohta Rasmussen