"Your goat is no dragon." "Your dragon is no goat!" I have no idea what is going on except that someone's really into Game of Thrones. But this spot is just weird enough to stick with me, and it's probably easier to stay weird instead of explaining what Keno is.

Ad Agency: BBDO Atlanta VP / Creative Director: Derrick Ogilvie Associate Creative Director: Jon Mueller Head of Content Production: Eric De Fino Senior Producer: Chrissy Lucas Production Company: Shadowlight Pictures/Feel Films/Decatur, GA Director: Toby Haynes DP: Jordan McMonagle Producers: Richard Sampson and Nick Hirschkorn Production Designer: Sally Rowe Where shot: Stone Mountain, GA Stock Footage Company: Mitch Martinez, DP Editorial Company: Hero Post Editor: Jeff Jay VFX Company: Artifact Design Executive Creative Director: Ken Vale Creative Director: Ryan Tuttle Head of Production: Chris Papadimitriou Flame Artist: Danny Yoon 2D Designer/Animator: Kyung Ko Color: Billy Gabor @ Company 3 Music Company: Elias Audio Post Company: Company 3 Engineer: Shawn Coleman

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  • April 's picture
    April (not verified)

    I wish they would make a weird movie like this ,it would be hilarious.

    Mar 18, 2017
  • Stephane's picture
    Stephane (not verified)

    This goat is no myth! He cooks mah meat!!!

    Apr 03, 2017

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