So there's some school kids in Blikkiesdorp, which is a township outside of Cape Town, SA. And they raised 10,000 euro in one day-- today, in fact. In order to do that, they filmed personal tributes as thanks and put them on youtube. Like the one above, in which they recreate a scene from Pulp Fiction.

Blikkiesdorp is a high crime, high unemployment area of Cape Town vicinity. These kids however, represent a positive future. So it's awesome they are doing what they can to overcome the odds against them, and it's awesome people are donating ot make it happen. In just over twelve hours and over 150 videos, the kids got it done.

According to the site:

Money will be invested in educating the youngsters on how best to cultivate their talents. Professionals will guide and lead them in order for these youngsters to themselves be the teaching talent of tomorrow for generations of youths who follow in their footsteps.

Does that mean they get teachers? Supplies? I wish it wasn't so vague. People like to know where the money really goes.

Regardless, here's wishing every one of these kids success.

This project sponsored by Get It Done, a crowd funding site for small projects. This project by the way, was created by some ex W+K creatives, Phillip and Hugo with production by Czar.

Client: Get It Done Agency: Philip&Hugo Production Company: Czar

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