Getting into Mother - 0:30 self promo (NSFW)


Getting into Mother - 0:30 self promo (NSFW)

Fernando Bernus wants to work at Mother (London,NYC) - and he says it with a short self-promo commercial. Yikes.

Fernando Bernus

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Oh... my. This was really strange... *lol*

It's OK. I think it shows Fernando's desire to work for Mother more than his creative talent.

It would be really funny if it was Fernando being born, alas it isn't. ;)

I think it's great. So what if it's literal? Still mad funny.

Come on, that's pretty fucking funny! I hope he got the job!

Well, this is certainly something I've never seen before (in this context, that is). If Mother doesn't scoop him up, someone will.

So whose birthing video is that?

pheew! I can´t say that I enjoyed it. I never have seen the beauty of birth,, really I think its an kind of discusting, visually I mean!

The idea. I guess its allright, but I agree with Robblink.

I concur with's alright. But it's not great. Probably because it's the expected and obvious. Might have been funnier to go with an Oedipus route. ;)

May the ad gods hear your sweet sweet words.
Thank you.

Did he get into Mother?

Yeah bernus let us know how it went won't you?

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