After collaborating on a mammoth Gillette campaign starring an enormous roster of global Olympic athletes, Decon and three-time Cannes Gold award-winning director Christian Lyngbye have decided not to let a good thing fade - the shop is adding him to their permanent roster.

The signing follows the 360-degree campaign that included film (shot by Lyngbye), print and digital (handled by Decon) elements. "Christian was so excited about joining our company that we finalized negotiations as soon as I signed with Decon," noted Decon EP Misha Louy. "He quickly built rapport with everyone on our team."

At Decon, Lyngbye will explore his passions - an enthusiasm that shines clearly in the Gillette Olympic spots. Cap, starring US swimmer Ryan Lochte, is a meditative journey that switches between scenes of the athlete shaving and preparing to dive into competition, all while solemnly contemplating the meaning of putting on his US skullcap. Tyson Gay, by contrast, launches forward in the high-energy Mind Game, which features a blend of intense racing, focused shaving, and graphics showing how Gillette delivers a smooth shave.

After working in Europe for the past several years, Lyngbye is looking forward to re-entering the US market, especially with the force of Decon's hybrid model and digital capabilities behind him. "My father ran a record label, so I was immediately drawn to Decon's unique setup," noted Lyngbye. "I've been looking to modernize my work and cross over into the digital realm, and Decon has the expertise to guide me there. I really believe in this studio and am unspeakably excited to join their crew."

"Christian has a rare combination of experience and enthusiasm," noted Decon Co-Founder Peter Bittenbender. "We basically had a hands on interview period with him, where we could see how he worked and how much he invested in each project. He's very passionate about his work, and it shows in every single thing that he does."

Client: Gillette/P&G Spot Title(s): Cap, Mind Game Air Date: April 30, 2012 (Mind Game - broadcast), May 30, 2012 (Cap - digital)Agency: BBDO CD(s): Toygar Bazarkaya, Jon Krevolin AD: Allison Baker Copy: Evan Freitas EP: Misha LouyProducer: Bobby Jaques Prod Co (1): CastaDiva ProductionsDirector: Christian Lyngbye DP: Nigel BluckEP: Luca Oddo Producer: Fabio Nesi Prod Co (2): Decon Director: Christian Lyngbye DP: Nigel BluckEP(s): Peter Bittenbender, Misha LouyProducer: JD Davidson Editorial Co: Cut and Run Editor: Jay Nelson EP: Rana Martin Post/Effects Co: Framestore EP: James Razzal Telecine Co: Nice Shoes Colorist(s): Chris Ryan Shoot Location: London, Barcelona, Montreal


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