Sweat. Avoid it if you must, but it has been the common denominator in all man’s grandest achievements, from the Great Pyramids to the first moonwalk. This gallery of effort-based milestones is on grand display in a history-spanning Gillette deodorant spot mixed by audioEngine’s Rex Recker.

Homage succinctly travels from ancient Egypt to the birth of aviation and beyond. Working with footage by Anonymous Content Director Markus Walter via BBDO, Recker blends a narrator’s soliloquy to sweat with the grunts of the pyramid-building masses, thunder rolling over the storm-rumpled waters of New World-bound ships, the piano riffs of classical composers in their prime, the clickity-clack of the first engine taking flight, and the beeping medley of instruments that guided the first men to the moon. Recker sews a purposeful, determined drumbeat behind the entire montage.

“We wanted to evoke history, exertion, achievement and reward through sound,” noted Recker. “With the awesome footage Markus provided, it wasn’t too difficult to come up with appropriate sound. The result is a spot that is as much a catalogue of human achievement as it is a really great ad for Gillette.”

"The human spirit's determination is incredible,” stated audioEngine EP Sharon DiTullio-Tepper. “When you watch a spot that shows man's accomplishments the sound has to be as uplifting as the visuals and music, Rex's sound design is always on point."

Client: Procter & Gamble Gillette Spots Title: Homage Air Date: August 2011 Agency: BBDO Executive Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya Creative Director: Paul Vinod Art Director: Ale Frusella Copywriter: Daniel Aykurt Executive Producer: Tom Sann Prod Company: Anonymous Content Director: Markus Walter EP(s): Jeff Baron Editorial: Cut+Run Editor: Jay Nelson EP: Rana Martin Telecine: The Mill Colorist: Fergus McCall Post/Effects: The Mill VFX Supervisors: Des Anwar and Danny Morris Producer: Rachel Stone Audio Post: audioEngine Mixer: Rex Recker Executive Producer: Sharon DiTullio-Tepper Music: Stylophon Composer: Malta Hagemeister Sound Design: henryboy Sound Designer: Bill Chesley Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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