To show off the Flexball Razor, Gillette attached 88 of them to a piano and had composer Son Luz compose a song on the very same piano.
So now I know that Gillette can play the piano. Now if they could only do something about my razors going dull after every second shave I'd be really impressed.

Agency: Grey Client: Gillette Brand Agency Lead: Debby Reiner Senior Vice President/Account Director: Sarah Beaumont Vice President/Account Director: Elizabeth Gilchrist Account Supervisor: Thomas Ghiden Account Supervisor: Katie Stirn Account Executive: John Nelson Executive Strategy Director: Howard Roberts Cinematographer: Zach Mulligan Composer: Ryan Lott (“Son Lux”) Production Company: 1st President/Global Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren Group Creative Director: Jeff Stamp Group Creative Director: Leo Savage Associate Creative Director: Lance Parrish Associate Creative Director: Steve Nathans Copywriter: Nick Terzip Director: Asif Mian (1st Editor: Akiko Ikawaka (Cut + Run) Executive Producer: James McPherson Mix: Heard City, Phil Loeb Music Producer: Zachary Pollakoff Film Producer: Katy Fuoco Assistant Film Producer: Megan Swan Avenue Machine Avenue Machine)

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