Google Glass introduces the Titanium collection, and now you can choose between a handful of new styles for Glass so you can make it your own. Whether you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses. Suddenly the high-tech wearable become very hipster unbearable. It's rather impressive how quickly Google went from showing us amazing things we can do with the Glass, to Apple® style iconic fashion ad edits instead. In this case it makes sense, as the main complaint used to be that the Glass simply looked dorky, repositioning it as fashion is fixing that image. Nice soundtrack too.
Be careful when you wear these to movie theatres lest the FBI ..err ICE ... err DHS.. whatever, some three letter acronym, spot you in there wearing the glasses. Also, don't point out there's a difference between the FBI & DHS's ICE, and news headlines should try to be accurate on twitter, unless you want to be accused of having traded your integrity for the MPAA in some random thread. Smooches, googlemeatbots.