For GMC’s “Most Wonderful Time” out of Leo Burnett, Piper and Chemical Effects turned their talents to creating a whole new mood for the Sierra. Delving back into footage shot for an earlier campaign, the creative team turned the truck from a hard-driving, terrain-crushing vehicle to a nimble, festive frolicker, enjoying rather than conquering nature. Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Rudgard and the Chemical Effects team added elegant plumes of airborne snow surging from beneath the truck’s tires and brilliant lens flares, and extended snow across the environment to give the landscape a pristine feel.

GMC Winter Event “Most Wonderful Time” Agency: Leo Burnett Exec Producer: Erik Zaar Creative Director: Chris McCarthy Production Company: Backyard Director: Nick Piper DP: Zubin Mistry Exec Producer: Kris Mather Offline Editorial: General Editorial Editor: Matt Dunlap Exec Producer: Robert Parker Telecine: New Hat Colorist: Beau Leon Producer: Wyatt Valentine Visual Effects: Chemical Effects Creative Director: Nick Piper Flame Artists: Tim Rudgard, Shauna Prescott, Dan Lorenzini Flame Assist: Jorge Tanaka Exec Producer: Sandy Beladino Producer: Liz Hiza Audio: Finger Music

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