GMF has been the leading insurer of public sector workers for the past 80 years. To celebrate their commitment, TBWA\Paris has launched "We are for those," a manifesto spot decreeing all the people they are for: The ones who help each other. The one who are compassionate. The one who put others' needs before their own. Strategically, this was a shift that needed to happen as competitors have been all too happy to beat their chests, whereas GMF always took a more reserved approach. I think this strikes the balance between letting people know who they insure, while still keeping the focus on the people they are insuring.
Love the way this was shot. There are some surprisingly moving moments in here.

Advertiser: GMF Advertiser account managers: Julie-Alexandra Bertolino, Marie Saint-Marc, Sophie de Montalembert, Emmanuel Broche Agency: TBWA\PARIS Agency managers: Anne Vincent, Stéphanie Decombe, Maëva Jordan, Martin Rainaut Executive Creative directors: Faustin Claverie, Benjamin Marchal Creative Director : Marianne Fonferrier Copywriter: Fabien Duval Art buyer: Barbara Chevallier CEO \Else: Maxime Boiron TV producer: Benoit Duchemin Post-production: Elise Gamboa Sound production: \Else Head of music and sound: Olivier Lefèvre Music Directors: Thomas Anduze and Philippe Mineur Music: God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi Written and produced by Hans Zimmer Brand Film Director: Frédéric Planchon Production: ICONOCLAST Producer: Charlotte Marmion Director of Production: François Lamotte Cinematographer: Arnaud Potier