This manifesto spot wants you to stop being so average. To get off your butt, put down the donut, and start working out. Or work out better. Because you can beat average if you try. And GNC can help.

Can it, though? When you show the kid at the swimming pool and the trophy whispering in his ear that average is good enough, I get it. Because he's actually working out. So GNC is the benefit to improve the work out with their supplements.

But when I see the guy who keeps "forgetting" to work out, or the woman who eats a donut hole, I want to ask Is GNC making a nutritional supplement that makes me want to go to the gym?

Some of the scenarios work better than others to show me what GNC's role is in helping us beat average. The rest make it a disconnect.

Client: GNC Agency: Carmichael Lynch

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