The God's Themselves have a new single I can't stop listening to called "Tech Boys." It's a slice of 80's dance on a white soundstage. And it's a great jab at all those Silicon Valley douchebros with some pointed lyrics, too: With your mustache/ And your paycheck/And your blue badge/And your limp dick/With Your Mouth Full/Of The Party Line/And Your Weekends/Working Overtime.
In this song, when it comes to Masturbation, Desperation, Gentrification, The Tech Boys "got an app for that." SO harsh. I love how blasé the woman is compared to the guy's shouting.
I'm echoing what a commenter said on their Facebook -- I hope this blows up so they can and gets played a million times. That way they can make some pocket change. It's about time someone thumbed their nose at the Free Culture Evangelists, and their hive mind astroturfing bots. After all, it's those Tech Boys and their pittance royalty rates who destroyed a band's chance at making a decent living off your music.

"You gotta feel that rhythm, that algorithm," and I'm feeling it indeed. Do yourself a favor-- when their new album drops on January 20th, buy it.

Directed by Rick Walters Director of Photography - Brian Stevenson Crane Operator - Jeremy Kaynor First Assistant Camera - Tess Stuart Production Assistant - Brian Rees Gaffer - Richard A. Williams Hair and Make-up - Tonya Carlson Editing and VFX by Chris Cool Choreography by Kat Murphy Tech Boys: Philip Catalan, Cory Foster, Spoono Ghiefardi, Chris Kent, Chris Lehrer and Narwhal Wilde Made in Seattle, WA