Goldieblox' easter ad comes complete with chick. Starting with a nod to the brain on drugs campaign, 'Engineer Princess Reese' demonstrate the difference between a brain on princess, vs a brain on engineering. Yes, that's "Engineer princess", I'm getting mixed messages here. The clip is a classic product demonstration peppered with post-it notes carrying depressing stats about girls losing interest in math and whatnot. I'm sure the interesting looking build made in this ad it would entice kids everywhere to start the nag-machine begging for this toy, if it wasn't a slow-moving 90 that won't be aired on TV during kids shows. Kids love this sort of thing - speaking as a former kid and parent of one. The post-it notes retargets the ad to the parents instead, which is smart, because if it is building stuff the kids want K'nex, Erector, Qubits and (my personal fave because I played with it for years) Meccano already has the construction & puzzle aisle covered. The aisle that girl-parents don't visit, who knew?

Engineer Princess - Reese Director - Beau Lewis Producer - Kimi Milo Art Director - Susie Valegria Sound - Aaron Brown & Pico Sound Editor - Dan Truog