Dan Savage's "It gets better" project certainly made a mark on the world, so much so that Google Chrome now uses it as an example in their ads, ending with the line: The web is what you make of it. Well played, we now feel like "Google" owns the web (which they practically do) and that they're nice about it. They are nice about it, The "It Gets better" project maxed out the amount of videos a youtube account may have but if you look at the joined date on the account you'll see that it predates youtubes' birth by a full year, allowing Dan Savage to upload more videos to that channel. This ad aired May 4 during "Glee" in the United States, capturing an audience of at least 13.66 million people, many of them teenagers who need to hear the message that it gets better.
Related: "It gets better" campaign idea hijacked by "Save the children" in Sweden?, and then it got worse for the hijacked "It gets better" Save the Children show, as the org lost supporters.

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