How fast, exactly is Google Chrome? And how do you explain "fast" when we've seen ten thousand variations on "everybody else is in slow motion" since the dawn of the in ads?

Easy - you set up complicated machinie-mah-bobs, that test the speed of real world items compared to the speed of a web page loading in in Google Chrome. The humble potato is shot out through a tube, passing chip-slicing wires and lands in a bowl of frying fat too late because Chrome already loaded the page. Sound waves can't beat chrome either, but they can eventually spill pink pain into a giant ear. Oh the fun they had at BBH New York when they came up with these contraptions!

Client: Google Agency: BBH New York Production Company: 1st Ave Machine, New York Director: Aaron Duffy Kevin Roddy (Chief Creative Officer) Pelle & Calle Sjoenell (Executive Creative Director) Steve Peck (Art Director) Jared Elms (Copywriter) Sam Penfield (Executive Producer) Orlee Tatarka (Agency Producer) Google Creative Lab Executive Creative Director: Robert Wong Project Manager: Jessica Bigarel, Google Creative Lab Head of Broadcast: Lisa Setten Line Producer: Michael Solomon Conceptual Fabricator: Bob Partington Editorial: Lost Planet Editor: Charlie Johnston Executive Producer: Krystyn Wagenberg Assistant Editor: Chris Huth Producer: Meagen Carroll Telecine: Katabatic Telecine Artist: Emery Wells Producer: Dave Escovitz Online: Black Hole VFX Artist: Tim Farrell Producer: Tim Vierling Audio: Plush NYC Audio Engineer: Rob Fielack Sound Designer: Joseph Fraioli @ JafBox Sound

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